Protein Oats — a recipe

I usually post all of my yummy food on instagram.  However then my clients want recipes (& they don’t use instagram) and I end up typing it up in an email.  My genius (insert sarcasm here) idea is to put all the yummy food on this here blog and direct new & old clients here!  {ding ding ding, it’s a winner!}

Protein Oats

Protein Oats

 Basic protein oats are simple and delicious.  There are two variations; Overnight Oats or Protein Oats.  We will start with Protein Oats.

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup Almond milk (water or cow milk)
  • 1 Serving of frozen berries (optional)
  • 1 serving Chia Seeds
  • 1 scoop protein powder

I used old fashioned oats.  1/2 cup is a serving (adjust this according to your macronutrient goals).

Depending on if I have ‘room’ in my macros I’ll use either 3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk or water.

Place the above ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, microwave 90 seconds.  OPTIONAL: add frozen berries prior to microwaving such as raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.

Remove from microwave and add a scoop of protein powder.  If you added berries in the prior step, choose a protein powder that will compliant the taste of those berries.  Stir well.  Enjoy!


Overnight Oats

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup Almond milk (water or cow milk as a substitute)
  • 1 Serving of frozen Berries or other fruit
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 Serving Chia Seeds
  • Mason Jar with lid

Overnight oats are easy to make the night before.  Add all ingredients together in the mason jar.  Mix well.  Let sit in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning enjoy cold.  

HOT VARIATION: mix all ingredients well EXCEPT protein powder. Let sit in fridge overnight.  In the morning microwave 90 seconds or until warm.  Stir in protein powder in small increments.  Add more Milk for thinner consistency.


This healthy breakfast contains complex carbohydrates, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein to start your day off right and keep you filling full!  Try to experiment adding different things to your protein oats.  When I use Cinnamon Swirl Protein powder for this recipe, I’ll add extra cinnamon and truvia or sugar free carmel coffee syrup.  Think about using different extracts and spices that benefit your health.  Share any combination that you come up with!  I’d love to know how you make this recipe your own.


GaViN LoSt HiS fIrSt ToOtH

Gavin lost his first tooth on July 27th 2014

Gavin lost his first tooth on July 27th 2014


Gavin came back home from visiting Nebraska with two loose front teeth.

He didn’t need much coaxing to pull them out.  He just did & then brought us the tooth.

photo 2

He pulled the other front tooth out the next night.

The Tooth Fairy visited.  She left $5 & his first tooth as a keepsake.

The next night she left $1 for his second tooth he lost.

Inflation; its crazy expensive for the Tooth Fairy these days.

Phillies VS Braves {Go Phillies}

We totally HAD to stop at Starbucks prior to the game.  Frappucino's for us both!

We totally HAD to stop at Starbucks prior to the game. Frappucino’s for us both!

I really really REALLY wanted to attend a Phillies game.  My love for this team was birthed from being so impressed with Mr. Ryan Howard – 1st baseman.  I remember watching him for the first time; he played like a champion.  He is an excellent hitter and a great 1st baseman.  The rest is history, he hook, line, sinker’ed me after that first game several years ago.

photo 2

The Atlanta Braves Wall used to be the outfield wall.

So I asked my friend Kari if she’d want to go to this Braves VS  Phillies game with me since Atlanta is only like 4.5 hours from us.  She said yes!!

However our friendly rivalry was discovered – she is a huge Kimbrel fan!

{He is the Brave’s closing Pitcher – FYI}

photo 3

The Braves Stadium is in the background. This was my FIRST PHILLIES {and BRAVES} game!

I wore my Phillies tank top and she rooted for the Braves.

photo 4

Kari & I in our seats at the ball game. It was like 1 million degrees on June 18th, in the hot hot HOT sun. We didn’t melt though.

That was an AWESOME game!  Phillies won like 10-8…that was back on June 18th

(& I can’t quite remember the exact score)

photo 1

Ryan Howard is my FAVORITE Phillies player. It was awesome to see him play.

photo 2

This was my attempt to get a picture of me WITH Ryan Howard…

photo 3

Here is Mr. Howard doing his First BASE thing!

photo 5

The Braves Stadium was rad. I really wanted a shirt, but they ran out of size smalls. We attended game 3 of a 3 day game schedule & apparently they don’t restock their merchandise during that time. #ThingsYouDidn’tKnow

photo 4

McGuire’s World Famous {million dollar} Restaurant

McGuire's Irish Pub Destin Florida

Jason & Jenn outside of McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin Florida

On our way back from New Orleans we visited the world famous McGuire’s Irish pub.  The booths & tables are dark wood with sports reports in frames hanging above.  Male servers are dressed in tuxes and female servers wear long green skirts with white shirts.  It smells of bar food and beer, yum.

Jason out front of McGuire’s

We did not have to wait for a table.  The pumpernickle bread looked amazing, Jason said it tasted good.

Jenn in front of McGuire's Irish Pub

Jenn in front of McGuire’s Irish Pub

We ordered the $0.18 bean soup.  It is the same recipe they served congress way back when.  Now that same soup costs $6.00.  If you order it alone at McGuire’s it costs $18!  Simple yet it was delicious.

The ceiling and walls are lined with over $1 Million dollars.  Each bill is marked by it's donor and stapled to dark wood.

The ceiling and walls are lined with over $1 Million dollars. Each bill is marked by it’s donor and stapled to dark wood.

This tradition started when the co-owner (the wife) stapled a dollar bill to the wall behind the bar the night before they opened so they would have good luck.  A friend who was with them added a dollar also and so the tradition began.  Their menu tells the story much better then I can recall it.

I had a cobb salad and it was GIANORMOUSLY good.  Jason ordered a sandwich and it was delicious also.  The root beer is made right there, just like their beer.  We really enjoyed our service, food and the experience of dinning at McGuire’s Irish Pub.

Our contribution to good luck...

Our contribution to good luck…

First Day of Pre-K 2014

Waiting for the bus on the first day of Pre-K.

Waiting for the bus on the first day of Pre-K.


Brynn has wanted to ride the school bus for years now.  Last year every morning we’d wait with Gavin until the bus arrived and swept him off to school…and every morning Brynn would mention how much she’d like to ride the school bus.  Today her wish came true!  She walked out to the bus stop and waited patiently for the bus to come down our street.  Her smile swept across her face, ear to ear the entire morning.

When Brynn grows up she wants to be…A Bus Driver. We giggled about this all morning.

There was not a single kid in line at our stop who was here last year.

You see, living the military life means many friends go as quickly as they come.

Some staying in touch, but most move on because thats what we do.  We love our neighbors and get comfortable for about 16-36 months, then we move {{aka PCS}}.

PCSing and deploying is a constant while not much else is.  Our street isn’t the same.

My first friends here at Fort Rucker have since PCS’d & new neighbors have obtained what was once a place I would visit my girlfriends and talk over coffee.

Maybe I have a little resentment.  Maybe.


So today I decided not to get to know the new faces at the bus stop.

Today I decided to focus on Brynn & making her experience on the first day of Pre-K memorable.

Today I soaked up her smile & gave her encouraging words & sent her off into her first experience of formal education.


That was tough.  She is my baby you know.


Mom & Brynn wait for the bus not he first day of Pre-K.

Coffee Body Scrub


1 C ground coffee
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C Epsom Salt
1/2 C coconut oil
1 T Cinnamon
1 T Vanilla
1 T Grapeseed Oil

Mix all ingredients until combimed well. If dry add more oil little by little until desired consistency is reached.
Store in air right container.

Use small amount in shower, rub on & wash off.

The benefits of coffee are super for your skin and it smells awesome!!

If I had more time I’d research and write about those benefits but you know information is at our finger tips!


Anytime Fitness Add

I’m really proud to work with clients & staff at Anytime Fitness in Enterprise!

Every time I see our advertisement I swell with pride because I worked very hard to help develop group training & get clientele. These ladies are not only clients, they are my friends! We text, email, snap chat and hang out even when we aren’t pumping iron.

Building relationships is so important to me. I always keep in mind that people won’t remember what I said to them, but they WILL remember how I made them feel.

We work as a team at Anytime and our commitment to our clients show!

I’m very blessed to work with the staff & clients. At this moment God has confirmed for me that I am doing what I was meant to do and placed in the perfect location to do it. For His grace and perfect timing get the glory, I’m his disciple doing his work only because of Him.



Spring Break in Florida










Gavin loved digging in the sand and making trip after trip from the ocean back to his sand hole to fill it with water.  It was terribly windy.

We were thankful for our umbrella!



AJ is a natural beach babe.  The wind didn’t bother her at all.  She did back bends, kick overs, hand stands and all other gymnast stuff.



Brynn learned how to make shapes in the sand with these molds.  She really enjoyed making them wet, then destroying the shapes…



This was where mom laid down to sun bathe.  However, the wind made the sand feel like we were being sand blasted.



We ate at Margaritaville.  The girl with stilts made Brynn a pink balloon monkey.


Gavin got a shark hat!


Georgia Spartan Sprint

I was so blessed to have Ms Tina come with me to Georgia and compete in the Spartan Sprint!

We raced Saturday March 9th and stayed over night in Atlanta. The race was actually in Conyers GA about 36 minutes outside Atlanta.

Tina decided the night before that she wanted to race & she did a wonderful job racing!!! I was so proud of her!!!

I placed 3rd in my age group and received a special T-shirt! I was so happy to hear my name called over the loud speaker. I’m sure I jumped in the air; pumped my fist and jogged off to victory circle.

The obstacle was over 4 miles long. I kept passing other racers so I knew I was doing something right. It felt magical as I leaped up and pulled myself over the 8 foot wall leaving 7 male racers baffled at that obstacle.

I shimmied across the transverse wall and kicked up my pace through the steepest hills. Only stopping to tie my shoe once; I kept repeating a message over & over. “Your anytime team is with u this morning. Go kick butt today and let us know how bad you killed the course!!”

Killed it I did.

As I approached an area filled with Spectators the thought of crossing the finish line quickly came & went. I couldn’t think of that just yet. However, I knew I was close to finishing.

The 15 foot rope climb was the most challenging obstacle. Hung over waist deep water, the rope was saturated in muddy slippery wetness. I used a good “S” hook technique but that rope was SO damn slippery. The knots were spaced far apart. With every knot the higher I climbed pausing for a moment to pray. I asked for His strength and protection from falling. As I climbed up to the last knot of that tall slippery rope my eyes welled up and a smile formed on my face. I rang that bell with my right hand and immediately focused on the descent.

I was truly fatigued and fought to hold onto that rope. My body moved more quickly then I wanted it to towards that ice cold waist deep water. My thighs burned from the friction against the rope, my hands cramped, the arches of my feet ached and my calves were locking up.

As I climbed the muddy bank the Spartan volunteer asked if I was ok. With a brief nod, I was on my way. Behind me I heard,

Ladies & Gentlemen, if she can do it- SO CAN YOU!

Hearing her words lit a fire within me.

With a running approach I snagged the rope towards the top of the inclined wall and leaped over it.

Barbed wire.

For the next quarter of a mile I faced water filled muddy trenches and barbed wire. Army crawling under it was slow and painful. My knees bled from rock cuts and my forearms were neither protected nor fast enough to pull myself through.

I flipped over and maneuvered feet first passing many obstacle racers who seemed defeated, stagnant in that freezing mud.

This last push was all I had.

Leaping over fire as I held my breath, then quickly breathing in smoke free air I prepared mentally for the approaching gladiators.

The gladiators struck me twice and then realized I finished. I was on the other side of the course and a medal was hung around my neck, a banana was in my hand and a volunteer was cutting my wrist band chip timer from my wrist.

I held back tears. I wanted to sob like a lost child. I killed that course and all I wanted was to A) cry B) know my race time. Climbing that damn rope and ringing that damn cow bell was one of the most difficult things I have accomplished. That rope tested my strength, judgement, faith, and ability. I completed the entire race.

Looking back even a year ago there was no way I could have physically done what I did that day. So as you read this you may think “she climbed a rope- big deal”. I proved that I am back, better than ever and no one would guess that I was debilitated for 5.5 years following an accident. No one will know how finishing that Spartan race gave me confidence, courage and confirmation that I am doing what God put me on this Earth to do. Help people. Teach people. Lead people.